Wiring The Rear Fog Lights As Extra Brake Lights

This procedure take about 10 minutes and works on MKIV Golf's and Jetta's and B5 Passat's.   It is completely reversible and makes no permanent modifications to any parts.   This is the 'easy' way that I learned after doing it the 'hard' way myself.   The 'hard' way involves buying a special wire from a VW dealer and splicing it into the brake light wire...blah blah blah.  If you are going to do it, do it this way.

Tools & Parts Needed:
Wire Stripper/Crimp Tool
Electrical Tape
P21W Bulbs (2) - $2.49/2 Pack
14 Gauge Wire (Approx. 16") - $1.99/20 Foot Roll
Small Female Crimp Connectors, 4.8mm/.187" Tab (4) - $1.99/22 Pack

rearfogbulbs.jpg (73548 bytes)
The bulbs needed


wireandstuff.jpg (122386 bytes)
The small female connectors, 14 gauge wire and crimp tool


wires1.jpg (79030 bytes)
Cut 2 - 8" lengths of wire and crimp a small female connector on each end


wires2.jpg (79375 bytes)
Wrap a small piece of electrical tape around each connector so it does not make contact with any other metal part


accessdoorclosed.jpg (73834 bytes)
Get in the trunk and open the doors behind the tail lights (can be done by using your fingers or a flat head screw driver)


accessdooropened.jpg (77903 bytes)
Unplug the wiring harness (1) then push the 2 tabs together (2) and pull out the bulb holder - do both sides (you may have to wiggle it and pull the trunk lining a little to get it to come out, it is an odd fit)


bulbholderfront1.jpg (115477 bytes)
You will note that there is an empty socket on the side where the new bulb will go (driver side shown)


bulbholderfront2.jpg (117975 bytes)
Install the bulb into the empty socket on both bulb holders then flip the bulb holders over (driver side shown)


bulbholderback1.jpg (106034 bytes)
At the top you will see 'BR' (brake) next to the top most connector (2) and 'RF' (rear fog) on one of the bottom connectors (1) (driver side shown)


bulbholderback2.jpg (113587 bytes)
These 2 male connectors are where you plug the small female connectors of your wires into on both bulb holders. (driver side shown)


fogbrakes.jpg (28361 bytes)
Reverse all of your steps to re-install and this is the finished result.